Golfmaster Club Selector™ iPhone/iPad application!

Golfmaster Club Selector™ is the world’s first intelligent club selector available for all golfers at every skill level. This is not your average distance chart. It employs a real-time rules-based engine that will immeasurably improve your game.

You will find this much more helpful than rangefinders costing hundreds of dollars. For the first time, the average golfer will have assistance deciding which club to use in circumstances that include variables such as: distance to the flag, wind, ground condition, flag position, lie, elevation, skill level.

The sophisticated, tested algorithms in Golfmaster Club Selector will instantly select a club so that you will never distract fellow golfers. Your entry takes seconds and you will discover the selection is much more accurate than old fashioned "guess and grab" methods.

We are excited to offer Golfmaster Club Selector to you and hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed building it.

Use Golfmaster Club Selector and you will become a believer!

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